WordPress Developer

I love doing WordPress Development in New York. I design and develop WordPress sites that work perfectly on all devices: desktops, tablets and phones.

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WordPress Designer

I’ve been a WordPress Designer for many years. I build brand new sites from scratch using WordPress, and I convert existing sites to WordPress.

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WordPress Defender

I manage sites long-term for clients in New York and elsewhere, making sure their web presence stays up-to-date, backed-up, healthy and secure.

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WordPress Development Articles

Add a Secure Certificate to Your WordPress Site

Most popular web browsers now display a bold “Not Secure” warning in red text beside unsecured URLs, signaling to visitors that their connection to your website can be hacked. It’s time to add a secure certificate to your site. Read ›

Update WordPress & Secure Your Site

It's relatively easy to update WordPress, and it really is a case of an ounce of prevention being worth ten pounds of cure. I sometimes help new clients recover after their site has been hacked, but I'd much rather help you not get hacked in the first place.  Read ›

Restrict Content & Protect Pages with WordPress

WordPress’ built-in password protection is great for smaller sites. But sometimes when you want to restrict content you need more granular control or, as in one client’s case recently, a security audit flags the simple-password-approach as being too simple. Read ›

WordPress Accelerated Mobile Pages

You may already be familiar with instant-load articles on Facebook. Click and the content loads before you can blink. Google is bringing this function to every mobile device via AMP — Accelerated Mobile Pages. Read ›


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