My WordPress development experience includes…

  • Original, Custom Website Design
  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Premium Theme Modification
  • SEO/SERP Strategy & Writing
  • WooCommerce, E-Commerce, Shopping Carts, Payment Gateway Integration
  • WordPress Micro-Sites Development
  • Members-Only Pages
  • Content Copy Protection
  • Hacked Website Repair
  • WordPress Security

My goal is to help your business succeed.

Many of my clients have been with me longer than 5, 10, and even 15 years.

Occasionally, a project calls for a solution besides WordPress. I work only with WordPress and I’m always clear with my clients when another tool is better suited to the task.

Otherwise, I enjoy knocking it out of the park for my clients. I hope to do the same for you.


Example Projects

WordPress Development with WooCommerce

Design ICU WordPress Development Project New York City NYC

Helped Infobase refine and retag their Press Release content to display product-specific stories in appropriate WordPress and WooCommerce templates.

For example, on the Bloom’s Literature page, on the right, under the Updates tab, you can see a list of excerpts from stories relating to Bloom’s Academic product line. The Read More/Shrink Story function under each means users don’t have to move away from the product page to read these articles.

A Quick-Loading, Static, Responsive Website

Design ICU WordPress Development Project New York City NYC

This is a single page static website I “hand-coded” from a supplied Photoshop file. Not every website needs a Content Management System. If a site doesn’t need constant updates, there are performance benefits to leveraging a static site: no database overhead, zero security concerns, no maintenance costs.

WordPress is amazing, but it’s not the right tool for every job. Part of my job is to tell you when WordPress works to your advantage, and when there are better ways to deploy your resources.

Original Design & WordPress Development

Design ICU WordPress Development Project New York City NYC

This site used to run on a custom-built CMS that required expensive developer time to do anything beyond very basic content updates. In 2015, with ASG Advisors, I built an entirely new site under WordPress.

We moved legacy content into a custom-designed theme that plays nice on desktops, tablets and phones. CFNJ now have complete control over their content.

Under the hood, I also developed a system for quickly building out micro-sites for CFNJ partner projects like Field Trip and Warm Jacket.

Simple WordPress Installation & Build-Out

Design ICU WordPress Development Project New York City NYC

This is another example of a site that was converted from an old-school custom CMS to WordPress. This project was nice and straightforward: a WordPress installation with an inexpensive premium theme that I only had to modify slightly to achieve the project goals.

All my WordPress installations come with a growing library of How-To Screencasts that walk site owners through typical tasks on the WordPress back-end, everything from basic content edits to adding pages and editing the menu system. WordPress is so easy to learn, but having a few videos on tap is great for when you need a quick refresher.